This Is Me

I’ve always been a little different. It’s about time that I embrace that quality. After all, I am unique, and my art is too! So, this isn’t your typical biography where I tell you which art schools I’ve attended, or which famous artists I’ve studied under, because that’s not my story at all. For the most part, I have been self-taught and have used¬†different materials and tools found in my environment to build, create, and make art ever since I can remember. Sure, I had a basic education and had a couple of art teachers – but, I never wanted to learn what they were teaching. I wanted and want to make art that is different… Am I headstrong? Maybe. Rebellious? Definitely. But really, I just want to be free, especially when it comes to my imagination. And, if I don’t know how to do something, I won’t let it stop me, I try anyway!

Mother Nature and the female form are the biggest influences in my art today. I know there are similarities between the two and they are deeply moving. Look for my art and my imagination to keep evolving as I can hardly keep up with my ideas. And, one thing is for sure; I will continue in my quest to make art that is unique by using a combination of mediums with subject matter that is relatable yet moving – and sometimes erotic in nature or naturally erotic, you decide!